Made   Easy

Without Spending ANY Money

If you have a Church, Fire Department, School, Ball Team

Or any nonprofit group that needs to raise money

All you have to do is pick a date and start selling plates

We will bring all the food, cook everything onsite and even bring the plates.

It really is that easy. You choose the location and we’ll be there. Each plate will have ½ BBQ Chicken, Baked Beans, Potato Salad & Bread. We charge you $6.00 per plate and you sell it for $8.00 you make $2.00 per plate and it didn’t cost you anything. You do the math!! If you give 50 people 10 tickets each to sell, that’s 500 plates = $1,000 dollars in your pocket.

Not bad for not spending any money.

We also have Rib slabs. Your cost is $14.00 per slab and you sell it for $16.00

For more information, give us a call

Toll-Free: 888-790-6231

Cell:         706-302-0451

We are the Original Pole Award BBQ for the NASCAR Teams

Stop by and see us in the garage area at your next NASCAR event

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