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What is Hucks?

Growing concept

There’s no other place like it in the BREAKFAST/LUNCH category!

Amazing food

Southern inspired cooking with just a hint of California.

Differentiating Ambience

When you walk into Huckleberry’s, it’s as if you’ve escaped to the “bayou” in just a few steps…you’re captivated by the weeping willow tree, sparkling of fireflies and Zydeco music.

Southern hospitality

Charming people with a genuine desire to serve you.

The Numbers

The best number we can share with you is the phone number of our current franchisees!

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$482,000 to $1,647,000


of $2.05 million





Some Of Our Favorite Numbers

55% growth rate in 2022

stacked Chicken & WaffLes

  • We sell more than 110,000 every year!
  • It takes 28,000 pounds of chicken annually to craft just this dish!
  • That’s 14,000 chickens that gave their lives for this item! (Thank you Chickens!)
  • Syrup – we use about 5,200 GALLONS of syrup each year to top off this entrée!

Our Culture

“If I had to describe our culture in one word it would be “authentic.” Our franchisees certainly care about what we do, but what really matters to them is who we are. Our interaction with them is relational, not transactional. It makes the “wins” that much sweeter and forges our collective resolve when challenges arise. We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

– Greg Graber, CEO and Founder, Heritage Restaurant Brands


We are thrilled to open Huckleberry’s in Reno and look forward to working with and serving the community, our neighbors and local businesses.
After many years in the hospitality and hotel business, we are thrilled to bring Huckleberry’s to Tennessee. We sense a real demand for a truly unique breakfast & lunch restaurant in Greater Nashville and once we tried the food, met other operators and Heritage leadership we knew this was exactly what we wanted to do.
Nashville franchisees Jignesh and Rakesh Patel said in a statement.
I traveled to California and visited Huckleberry’s Breakfast & Lunch with the Heritage Restaurant Brands team and a few franchisees and knew right away I wanted to bring the excitement of this brand to Texas. The 7am-3pm operating hours, truly amazing food and the Southern Hospitality just made me feel at home. The brand leadership has me feeling very confident I will be successful and I’m excited to introduce Huckleberry’s to the Metroplex.
said new franchisee Josh Calvert.

Our support

Over many decades in this industry, I have come to recognize that we are ultimately here to serve. Our mission is to provide proper tools, training and ongoing coaching for our franchisees from minute one – organically this develops into shared values, trust and operational excellence. Our dedicated support team works tirelessly to ensure our “family” of franchisees have what they need to ensure operational & personal success.”

– David Glennon, Chief Operating Officer, Heritage Restaurant Brands

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We WANT you to be successful! We NEED you to be successful! Here are just some of the ways we help increase your business value and operational efficiency:

  • Marketing & Brand Building
  • Accounting
  • Training Systems
  • Purchasing Synergies
  • Vendor/Distribution Support
  • Point of sales system
  • Restaurant Operations Reviews
  • Site Selection
  • Recipe & Menu Development
  • Plan Design/Project Management
  • Continuous Technology Innovation

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Proven business model:

Huckleberry’s is a well-established restaurant chain with a successful track record, which can provide a solid foundation for your own franchise.

1. Strong brand recognition:

Huckleberry’s is a well-known and respected brand in the restaurant industry, which can help attract guests and increase visibility for your franchise.

2. Comprehensive training and support:

Huckleberry’s provides extensive training and support for its franchisees, including site selection, menu development, and marketing strategies.

3. Experienced leadership:

Huckleberry’s has a team of experienced professionals who can provide guidance and support as you navigate the challenges of owning and operating a restaurant franchise.

4. Strong franchisee community:

As a Huckleberry’s franchisee, you’ll become part of a supportive community of other franchisees who can share best practices and offer guidance and support.

5. Potential for profit:

Owning a Huckleberry’s franchise can be a lucrative business opportunity, with the potential for high profits and long-term growth.

6. Positive impact:

By operating a Huckleberry’s franchise, you’ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact in your community by providing southern-inspired food and genuine hospitality.

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